Free Mind ~ A3 Print Set

£25.00 - £27.00
  • Free Mind ~ A3 Print Set

A set of three prints designed by Myself, Marie, aka Miss Rie.
Printed onto A3 380mic Pulp paper.

Postage to the U. K. Only.
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Prints are posted within 2 business days.

I designed these during week 5 of the Covid 19 UK lockdown, after having spent 4 weeks not having any inspiration to draw a single thing. The personal struggle I had with my creativity was literally not having a point to my work.
I am a tattoo artist by trade, and I design and tattoo constantly, so to have that suddenly ‘taken away’ from me was a big blow to my creative brain.
Luckily, after 4 weeks of procrastination and ‘finding myself’ again, I created these designs for prints!